Staffing & Management Solutions to the Telecom Industry



WOLTCOM provides Project Management services to coordinate client’s projects from inception through completion.

Our Project Managers establish deadlines, assign responsibilities, direct the work of others, monitor and summarize the progress of projects, and prepare status reports for upper management. They possess exceptional familiarity with concepts, practices, and procedures specific to their projects; have extensive planning experience; and have excellent judgment with regards to the efficient achievement of goals.

WOLTCOM Project Managers generally have substantial experience in areas such as CMDA, TDMA, site acquisition, system design, etc., and PmP Certification.


WOLTCOM offers Telecommunications Engineering services to assist clients with design, development, implementation, and analysis of telecommunications products and systems.

Our Telecommunications Engineers can perform design evaluations, and recommend development and design alterations to improve the quality of clients’ products and procedures. They are familiar with concepts, practices, and procedures in transmission, switching, inter office, and/or power engineering design concepts, and hold degrees in engineering and/or have many years of experience in the field or related areas.


WOLTCOM Telecommunications Technicians install, troubleshoot, repair and maintain telecommunications equipment.

Our Telecommunications Technicians can perform a variety of complicated tasks and may direct the work of others as needed. Clients can rely upon their extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish complex objectives. They provide reports, complete requests for new service, establish methodology for installing telephone service, call switches, test trunks, test links, install communication circuits, and determine appropriateness of moderate equipment changes or modifications.

All WOLTCOM Telecommunications Technicians are familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures, and have extensive training and experience in the field or related areas.


WOLTCOM’s experienced Administrative/General Clerical personnel provide general office tasks such as filing, recording, maintaining records, copying, posting, and similar duties, using a computer terminal, typewriter, and other word processors.

They are trained to follow clients’ organizational and departmental procedures and can be relied upon to complete tasks in a timely manner.


WOLTCOM provides Circuit Design/Data Entry staff to operate clients data entry devices.

Our experienced staff can verify or record a variety of standard and/or complex coded and uncoded business and statistical source data into a computer. And their experience and good judgment can be relied upon on to plan and accomplish your goals.

Our Circuit Design/Data Entry personnel have years of experience in similar positions or related areas, and many have circuit design knowledge, including Sonet and DSO.


WOLTCOM has the expertise to engineer, install, and support all wireless installations on full turn-key projects (RF, site acquisition, zoning, A&E, construction, & legal).

Installation services include: site preparation, antenna and cable installation, electrical installation, power and telephone interconnect, and complete site readiness for full service delivery. We have installed equipment associated with the development, deployment, and operational capabilities of any cellular site and their components (IP equipment, Telco, BTS, etc.) and have proven our skills with the timely installation of equipment and services to major cellular providers such as Alltel, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon.


RF Engineering:

  • CDMA, TDMA (IS-54 and IS-136), ESMR (iDEN), GSM, DCS-1800, PCS-1900, TACS/ETACS, NMT, AMPS, LMDS, PACS and DARS.
  • We have field-proven design and optimization experience in all wireless mobile, fixed and satellite technologies such as CDMA, GSM, iDEN and TDMA, as well as 2.5G (GPRS, EDGE, 1xRTT) and 3G technologies (CDMA 2000, UMTS and UWC-136).
  • We have the resources for network integration and optimization services which include optimal network performance, testing network elements, performing functional and system drive testing, data analysis and interference control, test plan development, acceptance testing, and hand-over analysis.


WOLTCOM is committed to locating the best contract and career employees for your needs.

Our placement process is personalized to ensure that the employees we present you can do the job and do it well.

WOLTCOM employees possess the following qualities:

  • Honesty, Integrity and Dedication
  • Interest in Travel
  • Excellent Customer Service Skills
  • Outstanding Productivity
  • Strong Technical Skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills